Unity HoloLens client sample

Building HoloLens Unity client

Note: Make sure you have Unity 2017.4.4f1 LTS release with UWP tools support.

These steps are unique, and specific to producing a unity client application for a HoloLens device.

You can find the HoloLens Unity client sample in \Samples\Client\Unity. The HoloLens client is using a native dll library for video decoding and rendering that needs to be built before you open the sample in Unity. Follow these steps:

How it works

Once the config settings are changed, the client will require a server to connect to. In this toolkit, we have a few Sample Servers.

When both the client and server are connected to the same signaling server, they will appear in the peer list.

With the Hololens client, you can only initiate the connection using the server, simply select the peer from the list and press join. That will start the video streaming and you can move around the room to explore the scene.